I cannot believe what I saw on October 2019. It was around 6:40 pm when I was returning from work driving, my driveway was flooded with sunlight. The sun was just at my eye level, not too bright. Deep yellow sun rays were spread behind all the trees and some were able to enter the drive way, as if they were playing hide-and-seek. In front of my eyes was a clean road with trees on both sides, and tiny bit of blue sky in the horizon followed by pearly white clouds.

I had never in my life sighted such an amazing view. For a moment, tear rolled down my eyes with joy. That beautiful sunlit brightness in the middle of the forest lasted for couple of minutes and that was it. In my mind, I was thinking that it must be my ending. As I recalled stories from my childhood, where at the end of someone’s life, a bright light would shine and a golden chariot would land with messenger of death. So, I thought that was it for a moment, except there was no chariot.

If there was a space to stop my car, I would have enjoyed that moment for eternity. Unfortunately, I had to drive through. But, then came the rainbow just in front of my road with a sweet ending. 

Amidst of missing my family in Dashain (Hindu’s festival in Nepal), nature has blessed me today with such a precious mesmerising moment. What a day! Oh, what a WONDERFUL day!!